Migrated this blog to Octopress

Update (03/24/2017): The blog has been migrated yet another time - this time from Octopress into Hexo and so, some of the links below will not work anymore.

Update (01/22/2013): Perhaps I blogged too soon! I’m loving the Octopress so much, that the whole site has now been updated to be built with Octopress. So some old blogs (english & technical) get redirected to the corresponding categories on the new unified blog, while some others (malayalam are still on blogger and are not linked from the site for the time being.

This blog had been on blogger since its inception back in 2009, though it really has only a very few posts in those almost-four years. The newly found love for the Octopress blogging platform, thanks to the experience setting up the flickrdownloadr blog recently, I decided to bite the bullet and move my technical blog over.

This really nice post by Dmytrii Nagirniak made the whole migration process really a breeze, thanks to the nifty Blogger-Octopress migration script and the simple Sinatra redirection app he has provided there. Even though I ended up not using the sinatra app, because for me: a) the domain name is not changing during this migration and b) the new permalink slug in fact has additional element - which is the day from the published date (whereas the blogger permalink format was just year and month). So unless I hard-code all the post URLs to be redirected (which in reality I could, considering I have just 13 posts that are being moved), the redirection app I thought, is not worth it.

I did manualy add all the old permalinks with static meta-tag and JavaScript based redirection though. So if you watch the headers in fiddler or something while clicking this old blogger URL - http://technology.harimenon.com/2012/12/lzwCompress.js.html, you would see a page come down with 200, that does either of a <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=..."/> refresh or the location.replace('...') from the JavaScript within, to the new URL on Octopress - http://technology.harimenon.com/blog/2012/12/06/lzwCompress.js/.

But all the old label/category/archive links etc. (like this one - [http://technology.harimenon.com/search/label/ClickOnce Deployment](http://technology.harimenon.com/search/label/ClickOnce Deployment) would remain broken but I have decided that’s how it’s going to be.

Update (01/22/2013): Both the old blogs (english and technical ones) are now being redirected with Sinatra apps made of off Dmytrii‘s redirection app.

Hopefully, the new blogging platform would be the impetus that I’ve been waiting for to start churning up a lot of posts!