The Story Behind Mantis CI

Mantis CI

Mobile Application for Travis CI

tl;dr: Mantis CI, is a free app (available for both iOS/Android) that attempts to be a mobile-optimized client for Travis CI. Please install them and share your feedback.

Mantis CI

For a while now, a mobile port of the Travis CI web application that I packaged as a PhoneGap app had been available for Android on Google Play.

Quite recently I managed to wrap the same HTML5 app into an iOS app as well, thanks to detailed guides at PhoneGap and a lot of good questions on StackOverflow.

It was a good experience in trying to the do similar things that worked on the Linux/Eclipse/Android on to the Mac/Xcode/iOS.

Click on the buttons above to download the app from one of the stores. Also you could find out more about the apps and get to the open source repositories etc. from here.

Below is a short (self-centric) story behind these apps. :-)

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Adding splash screen to an Ember.js app

Have been playing around with Ember.js quite a bit lately and it’s been real good fun. I have been trying to put together a PhoneGap/Cordova based Android app, for the awesome, open source, continuous integration application - Travis-CI. It is really in its pre-natal stages, but you could see whatever I’ve been doing here.

And I implemented a splash screen for that app using the below technique.

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Twitter Cards for Octopress blogs

The first time I heard about Twitter Cards is from the GitHub blog entry announcing they have implemented it for all the GitHub respositories. And if you haven’t heard about them, go to either of those posts and you’d get a quick overview.

Anyways, since the time I read that blog, I have been thinking of trying to implement it here on this blog as well as on the other website I’ve been actively maintaining lately - Finally got around to doing it yesterday on the static pages at flickrdownloadr site (even though I am still waiting for Twitter to approve my site).

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Start WEBrick Web Server Here

I have started dabbling with Ember.js and it sure looks awesome!

This necessitated a quick and easy way to start serving the current directory through some webserver. And because of the recent adventures with Octopress, I happened to be aware of the presence of WEBrick as a nifty, light-weight server.

This led me to google "start a webrick server at current directory windows" and the first link was to this question on Stack Overflow.

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